2018 Worker’s Meeting

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Celebration of Life: Mother Lillian Jackson

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Matthew 5:4 Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.

District Missionary Lillian D. Jackson
San Diego Area Coordinator & District Missionary for the Missionary District

Wednesday, October 3, 2012 – 4:00 p.m. -8:00 p.m.
California Cremation & Burial
2200 Highland Avenue
National City, California
(619) 229-2747

Celebration of Life Services
Thursday, October 4, 2012 – 11:00 A.M.
Greater St. Luke COGIC
3195 L Street
San Diego, California

Superintendent Gary Watkins, Host Pastor
Superintendent Milon Mills, Jr., Officiating


Youth of the Year Awards

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The State Youth Department under the leadership of President Tahaiti Tinsley and Chairlady Lorraine Collins is starting out the New Year with a new and exciting way to appreciate and acknowledge all of the dedicated youth of the 2nd Jurisdiction that have been faithful both locally and in the Jurisdiction by honoring them at the Youth of the Year Awards, Saturday, January 30th, at St. Luke COGIC in San Diego.

President Tinsley is working diligently with her staff as well as Chairlady Lorraine Collins to ensure that the youth will have an opportunity to be recognized for their sincere efforts in this walk with Christ. For many of our young people, maintaining salvation, or pursuing sanctification is challenged heavily by the worldly influences that are constantly bombarding our young people, especially in media and technology. The leadership of the State Youth Department felt that it would be an awesome way to keep our youth inspired, encouraged, and motivated to continue in the work of the Lord, and to let them know that they too should be “open” about their Christianity as young people.

For that reason President Tinsley has chosen the theme “We Are Not Ashamed Of The Gospel Of Jesus Christ” Rom. 1:16 for the awards, a message that she wants reiterated and promoted the night of the awards. In consideration that our youth are being bombarded with secular options that do not reflect Christ to represent who they are, President Tinsley wanted to be a supportive reminder to the youth that Christ is nothing to be ashamed of or put away, even when they are in the minority among their peers. Many young people do not attend churches and the youth of our Jurisdiction have a great opportunity to let their lifestyles “shine” before their friends, winning them over to doing things the Lord’s way. This recently occurred for President Tinsley with her very own daughter Brittannii who had friends that wanted to hang out with her so they could attend church with her.

The Youth Of The Year Awards were also designed to celebrate local Youth Leaders such as Youth Pastors and Youth Workers that often times are not recognized for their levels of ministry in the areas of mentorship, leadership, and teaching styles. Often these leaders have to be creative with finances, resources, and spiritual strength in order to maintain their ministry overseeing youth that often do not have the money, availability, or spiritual aptitude of seasoned adults that have been “saved and sanctified” over the years and have the aptitude for contributing consistently in ministry.

The Youth Of The Year Awards are intended to truly reflect on God’s glory in the earth as He uses those that choose to say “Yes” to His will and His way of doing ministry effective, of walking in holiness, and yielding to the Word. Hopefully in 2010 other Youth Departments will be motivated and inspired by their efforts and continue to glorify God not only with words, but with deeds and actions through their participation in their local churches but also in the Jurisdiction as well.

The First Lady’s 2nd Annual Prayer Breakfast

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The First Lady’s Prayer Breakfast originated from a desire to work with the jurisdiction in raising funds to beautify the Jurisdictional Headquarters. Our Bishop has a spirit of excellence and our facility should reflect that same spirit.

Jurisdictions across the country have either an independent jurisdictional facility or they use the Bishops church as the Headquarters for the Jurisdiction. It would be great to have an independent facility but until we are able to secure such a building, it is the desire of the First Lady of the Jurisdiction to place an emphasis on beautifying the existing Jurisdictional Headquarters.

The First Annual First Lady’s Prayer breakfast was successful and supported by the entire jurisdiction. Along with providing an avenue to beautify our headquarters, the Prayer Breakfast is also another way to strengthen the fellowship within the Jurisdiction.

The Prayer Breakfast format includes prayers for our leaders, our military, our children and our churches.

Our special guest speaker this year is Evangelist Joyce Rodgers, International Youth Department Chairlady of the Church Of God In Christ.

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