2012 Worker’s Meeting

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2012 Youth Of The Year Awards

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Congratulations Bishop Designate Dr. Charles Nauden!

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On behalf of the Southern California Second Jurisdiction family, we want to offer our most heartfelt congratulations to Bishop Designate Dr. Charles G. Nauden!  After the prayerful consideration and generous recommendation of our precious Prelate, Bishop George D. McKinney, First Administrative Assistant Nauden has been elevated to the position of Auxiliary Bishop! 

We are Godly proud for our dear brother and we eagerly await his consecration in the 104th Holy Convocation in St. Louis, Missouri. 

2011 Women’s Convention

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2nd Saturday July and August

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From the Desk of the Jurisdictional Secretary:

The Bishop George D. McKinney has announced that the second Saturday meeting for the Month of July has been Canceled.

We will caucus on the Friday during the Jurisdiction Women's Convention.  Time TBA in the Month of August.

Twenty Five Years Ago . . .

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My My, well to get to the root we must retreat just a little further than Twenty Five years ago. It was just a little more that 25 years ago a Father, Churchman, Leader, and Great COGIC Statesman went to be with the Lord.

The silence of the voice of this great man gave rise to significant change to a region just waiting to give birth to new Bishop and leadership.

That leader was Bishop Junious Augustus Blake, Sr. Many do not realize that all four of the next Bishops to lead in this region all came out from under his pastorate. Bishop Charles Edward Blake, Bishop Nathaniel Jones, Bishop George Dallas McKinney, and Bishop Roy Dixon. All of these served at the former Jackson Memorial Church of God in Christ, now known as Fountain of Life pastored by Supt. Junious Augustus Blake, Jr.

No one was guaranteed an appointment, meetings were held and decisions were held close to the vest. Finally in the midst a decision making setting 1/4 of the region’s problems were solved, eight words were spoken by a voice of reason, a person with a calm demeanor, an educator, a father, a pioneer, a pastor. Those eight words were, (IF YOU WILL HAVE ME , I WILL SERVE). God so desired this man servant and he became church property, Appointed Prelate of what has come to be known as Southern California Second Jurisdiction. Looking over footprints now firmly in the sands of time many have served and gone on to reward.

We could look out and see Supt. Bedell Sanders winding us up with that special oratorical voice, or Supt. D.A. Morgan exalting us with that deep baritone voice of a father. We could look over and see Mother Jean McKinney smiling and nodding approval of the service, seated next to her would be Mother Elizabeth Nash, certainly a first mate of the ship of Zion. Who could forget Dr. Clarence Church, W.D. Peterson, Ozelle Moore, A.J. Clark, T.S. Smith, O.B. Booker, Marvin Davis, Lillian Driver, Arthur Johnson, Henry Page, Charles Watkins, and so many, many others that have SERVED because he is serving.

Yes, twenty-five years, and Bishop McKinney still looks the same, walks the same, still treats everybody the same, and we can all testify he is serving. Serving many times under great duress, but serving, always the voice of reason, hope, love and understanding. We could not have been blessed any better.

He has served and given of his substance, his family, his unlimited resources, served in the midst of controversy, serving in the midst of a complex world without losing his focus on what he has been graced by God to do, serve. He is an example of the believer in deeds, he is a living epistle read of men.

We should be thankful twenty-five years ago a heart was touched, a mind prepared, a life anointed, a vision brought into focus.

We heard the statement, and said yes we will have you and he has not let us down he is yet SERVING.

Supt. Sidney A. Buggs, III
Executive Secretary

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