2015 Holy Convocation

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Join us in celebrating 30 years as a jurisdiction during our annual

State Holy Convocation

June 22-28, 2015


Women’s Department Queen Pageant

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Join the District Missionaries of Southern California 2nd Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction

for the Queen's Pageant

Women's Department Flyer

Pastor’s, Elder’s, & Minister’s Wives 5th Annual Fashion Show

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PEM Fashion Show

2011 Worker’s Meeting

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Join the Southern California 2nd Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction for the

26th Annual Worker's Meeting

All roads lead to St. Stephen's Cathedral COGIC for our 26th Annual Worker's Meeting. We have adopted the theme- "Great God" according to Deut. 3:24 and is looking for a great outpour of His spirit during this time of instruction, corporate prayer, praise and preaching! Our meeting will convene Tuesday, January 4, 2011-Friday, January 7, 2011.

  • Day sessions will begin with Prayer and Devotion at 9:00 a.m. Evening Sessions will start at 7:00 p.m.
  • Institute Hour with Dr. Shirley Mills will convene at 10:00 a.m. 
  • Mid-day Sessions will be held: Tues./Wed./Fri. immediately following the Institute Hour with our Leader-Bishop George D. McKinney.
  • Tuesday Evening Speaker-Supt. Stephon Rhone, Olivet District
  • Wednesday Evening Speaker-Dr. Vernon Cooper, Superintendent Emeritus 
  • Pastors/Elders Council will meet: Thursday, January 6, 2011 at 10:00 a.m. with Chairman Tisdale.
  • Thursday- All Day is Women's Day with Supervisor Gloria Lynch. The attire for the entire day will be white.
  • Friday-Official Day- Official Message-Bishop George D. McKinney, Prelate & General Board Member, COGIC.

View Holy Convocation Services Online

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View 25th Annual Holy Convocation services LIVE via video streaming at


Scroll down until you see the picture link to the Holy Convocation and click on it.

Please keep in mind that you will be able to make donations to Second Jurisdiction at this time simply by clicking the DONATE button on your screen.

25th Holy Convocation

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Daily Sessions Finances Evening Speakers Special Events Official Day

From: Office of the Executive Secretary, Supt. Sidney A. Buggs, III

Greetings in the Name of Jesus:

To all Administrative Assistants, Superintendents, Pastors, Elders, Administrators, Ministers, Jurisdiction Supervisor, Missionaries, Jurisdiction Workers, Lay Members, and Friends of the Southern California Second Jurisdiction of the Churches of God In Christ. The 2010 Annual June Convocation of the Southern California Second Jurisdiction Churches of God in Christ will convene in San Diego, California beginning Monday June 21st and close on Sunday June 27, 2010.

There will be Day Sessions and Evening Sessions all held at the Jurisdiction Headquarters located at the St. Stephen’s Cathedral Church of God in Christ 5825 Imperial Avenue, San Diego, California.

Official Day June 27, 2010 will be held at the Faith Chapel Church 9400 Campo Road. Spring Valley, California. 3:00 P. M. Procession Begins at 3:00 P.M.

Daily Sessions – Prayer at 9:00 A.M. beginning Monday June 21, 2010 | Top

Each morning beginning Monday, June 21, 2010 the Convocation Prayer hour will be led my our own Senior Superintendent, Elder Statesman and Jurisdiction Chaplin, Dr. A.D. Cooper, Pastor of the Antioch Church of God in Christ and Superintendent of the Antioch District. Prayer time is 9:00 am sharp.

Local Church prayer warriors should meet Dr. Cooper and the saints for this time of spiritual reflection and communication with God.

Daily Sessions – Institute Period following Prayer Monday and Tuesday

These days will be highlighted by our Bishop and Dean of Education Dr. Shirley J. Mills. We are well aware of the Educational background of our Bishop.

Dr. Shirley J. Mills wife of Superintendent Milon Mills not only is Member of the California Law Bar, and is a Practicing Attorney but she also has a Doctorate in Education.

We are blessed to have her among the faithful. The Bishop has promised an open refreshing presentation in this two day session.

Daily Sessions – Institute Period Following Prayer Wednesday

The Bishop will once again share the sacred desk with Pastor John White a long time participant and friend to Second Jurisdiction.

Daily Sessions – Women’s Day Program Separate/ Pastor and Elders Council

We look to Supervisor Gloria Lynch for a spectacular Women’s Day and Evening Session.

The Pastor and Elders Council will meet at 10:00 in the St.Stephen’s Annex Trailer Pastor Thomas Tisdale President and Elder Jesse Waters Vice President will be expecting as many as possible. They will be introducing subject matter all Clergy will want to receive.

Daily Sessions – Friday

The Bishop has requested participation from two of our most distinguished Pastors. Supt. Dan Estelle and Pastor William Smith. These are two progressive Pastors and Business Men who the Lord has favored. We will be blessed and rewarded by their presentations.

Finances – Expeditor of Finance Supt. Dr. Lawrence V. Gray | Top

We are better together. We are asking Superintendents for a one time weekly offering to the convocation of $200.00, Pastors and Elders $100.00, Lay Members $50.00. Licensed Missionaries are also asked for a gift of $50.00. We will need significant participation to be successful, please be counted among the faithful and place your offering in the Special envelope.


Evening – Speakers | Top

Monday – Supt. Dr. Robert Booker Sr.

Dr. Booker is Superintendent of the Historic Calvary District and Pastors a sprit filled Church. His name is historically linked to Southern California COGIC; His Father Supt. OB Booker was a pioneer of the Church of God in Christ in San Diego. He is a Graduate of the University of Laverne, a father and husband. We will be blessed by his dynamic preaching.

Tuesday – Supt. James Mason 

Supt. Mason is Superintendent of the St. Stephen’s District which is the Mother District of the Second Jurisdiction. He is a spiritual son, cultivated by the anointed hand of the Bishop. He is a progressive Pastor and has pioneered a beautiful facility in Temecula California and is known for his prayer life and commitment to winning souls.

Wednesday – Captain Gerald Gray, Chaplin USN

Chaplain Gray's Rank and Title says plenty about is commitment to excellence he has not lost his Gospel Preaching edge. The Bishop has asked this son of the Church to bless us; we look forward to hear him exegete the Gospel.

Friday & Banquet Speaker – Bishop Roger Jones

A lot can be said about the Bishop Roger Jones, he is full proof that a root has life when the tree looks like it has lost life and productivity. We applaud his commitment to serve God and welcome this Graduate of the Lexington College founded by Dr. Arena C. Mallory of the Church of God in Christ. He was mentored by the Late Bishop J.O. Patterson and Bishop Lewis Henry Ford, he is COGIC and we are rich because he is here to bless Second Jurisdiction.

Vendors – Superintendent William Johnson, Chairman

The vendor’s fee for this meeting is $60.00 for the whole week or $25.00 per night. You must display an official vendor’s certificate signed by the Jurisdictional Secretary (Supt. Buggs) or you will not be allowed to sell this week.

Special Events | Top

Ordination Service

The Ordination Service for New Elders will be Saturday Morning at the St. Stephen’s Cathedral; Participants should follow the Directions of the Ordination Board and its Chairman.

Bishop’s Banquet

The Bishops Banquet will be held on Saturday June 26, 2010 at the Holiday Inn at the Bay. Tickets this year are sold by church; please see your Pastor or The Banquet staff of Dr. Charles Nauden 1st Assistant for information. $100.00 non graduates, $50.00 for graduates.

Attention ALL High School, College, and Trade School Graduates!  Click HERE to complete your data form for recognition during our Bishop's Celebratory Banquet.

Click HERE to view the Bishop's Banquet Flier

Youth Services

President Tahaiti Tinsley Youth Alive will be held at the St. Stephen’s Cathedral on Saturday at High Noon. No evening service will be held.

Official Day

Sunday June 27, 2010 | Top

Bishop George Dallas McKinney Chief Celebrant
and Jurisdictional Bishop

Location: Faith Chapel Church, 9400 Campo Road. Spring Valley, California. 3:00 P. M. Official Day is a time that we certify our protocol and Church of God in Christ tradition. The Procession will begin at 3:00 P.M.

The Bishop in accordance with the constitution of the Church of God in Christ, is presented to the public in Class A Apostolic Vestments symbolic of his High Holy Office. Each item worn has its own specific significance and meaning. Because our Jurisdictional Bishop is a Member of the Church of God in Christ General Board his colors are different from the regular Jurisdictional Bishop and distinguished because of that Worldwide high office of the Church of God in Christ.

Administrative Assistants in accordance with the constitution of the Church of God in Christ you are authorized to wear the Class B Uniform(ALL BLACK SHOES, ALL BLACK SOCKS, ALL BLACK SUIT, FULL WHITE COLLAR, ALL BLACK CLERGY SHIRT, PLAIN CROSS SUSPENDED ON A 36 INCH PURPLE CORD which shows EPISCOPOL APPOINTMENT OR 36 INCH BLACK CORD.


Elders in accordance with the constitution of the Church of God in Christ you are to wear authorized to wear the Class B Uniform (ALL BLACK SHOES, ALL BLACK SOCKS, ALL BLACK SUIT, FULL WHITE COLLAR & ALL BLACK CLERGY SHIRT, PLAIN CROSS SUSPENDED ON A 36 INCH BLACK CORD).

Ministers in accordance with the constitution of the Church of God in Christ you are to wear (ALL BLACK SHOES, ALL BLACK SUIT, ALL BLACK SOCKS, WHITE SHIRT AND BLACK TIE, OR MINISTERS SHIRT. While in Class B uniform (unless you are officiating the Service) exposed cross, exposed handkerchiefs, lapel pins, designer chains, and excessive jewelry are in appropriate.

Convocation Contacts

General Convocation – 1st Asst. Charles G. Nauden
Offerings – Superintendent Lawrence V. Gray, Expeditor of Finance
Service Participation Day’s – Dr. Shirley J. Mills Dean of Education
Service Participation Evenings- Supt. Gary Watkins, Expeditor
Facility St. Stephen’s Cathedral, Elder Glen McKinney
Vendors – Supt. William Johnson
Bishop’s Banquet- 1st Assistant Charles G. Nauden
Faith Chapel – Supt. Gary Watkins, Supt. William Johnson (Bishop will be the only Vendor on Official Day)
General Information – Supt. Sidney A. Buggs III, Executive Secretary 619-735-2412 Execsec2nd@yahoo.com

Sunshine Band News

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May 13, 2010

Greetings District Sunshine Band Leaders &Local Workers,

As we prepare for our 60th International Women’s Convention, there are a few details that we must attend to. We solicit your prayers during this time so that we may be a blessing in representing our Jurisdiction in numbers beyond any expectations.   Please give notice to following items:

  • Total amount of children attending. (Please provide first and last name, church, and district.)
  • $10.00 assessment for each church Sunshine Band Department (These can be made on rehearsal nights.)
  • If transportation is needed, please contact Sister Elie at (619) 980-4153 (There is space still available on the bus.)
  • Reminder to place order for t-shirts ASAP, to ensure timely delivery.  CLICK HERE for  Order Form (MANDATORY UNIFORM FOR EACH PARTICIPANT)
  • Remainingrehearsal dates: Monday, May 17, 2010 6:30 p.m.-7:30 p.m. and Monday, May 24, 2010 6:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. at St. Stephen’s Cathedral.

Other pertinent information will be given during rehearsals, so please attend or send a representative. If you have any questions or just want to provide any information for the above items please feel free to contact me at (619) 980-4153 or via email at carolynelie@cox.net. You may also forward the information to Sister Melinda Ambers at (619)746-4290 or via email at mambers1@san.rr.com. Thank you for your anticipated cooperation and support.


Sister Carolyn Elie, Sunshine Band President

Annual Worker’s Meeting

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The 25th Annual Worker's Meeting will be held January 5-8, 2010 at St. Stephen's Cathedral COGIC.  Nightly services will begin at 7:00 pm.  Dr. Harold Bennett, Dean of Seminary School in Atlanta, GA, will be the guest speaker Tuesday and Wednesday evening.  Supervisor Gloria Lynch will be the even speaker on Thursday.  Bishop George Dallas McKinney will be the evening speaker on Friday.

Day Sessions will begin at 9:00 AM.  On Friday, Jan. 8, there will be a Special Leadership Panel Discussion on "The Church's Response to the Economic Crisis."

All are welcomed!

The First Lady’s 2nd Annual Prayer Breakfast

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The First Lady’s Prayer Breakfast originated from a desire to work with the jurisdiction in raising funds to beautify the Jurisdictional Headquarters. Our Bishop has a spirit of excellence and our facility should reflect that same spirit.

Jurisdictions across the country have either an independent jurisdictional facility or they use the Bishops church as the Headquarters for the Jurisdiction. It would be great to have an independent facility but until we are able to secure such a building, it is the desire of the First Lady of the Jurisdiction to place an emphasis on beautifying the existing Jurisdictional Headquarters.

The First Annual First Lady’s Prayer breakfast was successful and supported by the entire jurisdiction. Along with providing an avenue to beautify our headquarters, the Prayer Breakfast is also another way to strengthen the fellowship within the Jurisdiction.

The Prayer Breakfast format includes prayers for our leaders, our military, our children and our churches.

Our special guest speaker this year is Evangelist Joyce Rodgers, International Youth Department Chairlady of the Church Of God In Christ.

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