State AIM Convention 2014

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5 Departments, 1 Convention

All are encouraged to attend.

Superintendent Gary Watkins, Sr., Chairman



Youth Department International World Youth Day

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The emphasis this year is for our youth departments to make it a “Youth Weekend”, whether its community service, concert, fun outing, etc. on Saturday and allow the youth to go forth on Sunday, September 28th.  Also we will be taking orders for t-shirts that are to be worn on that Sunday.  Please place your orders with President Tinsley A.S.A.P.! (flyer attached)

Each district and local youth department is invited to join us for Youth Community Outreach on Saturday, September 27th at 9:00 a.m. as we gather to feed the homeless here in our city. We will meet at St. Stephen's Cathedral and travel to our destination to share some natural food and spiritual encouragement. Our goal is to touch at least 200 people's lives!!


YOUTHQUAKE – 2014 State Women’s Convention

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Join the youth for YOUTHQUAKE
at the 2014 State Women's Convention


Keys to Reducing Litigation and Avoiding Liability

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The following must be in place in order to avoid new cases of litigation against the Church:


  1. Churches must have a comprehensive, written Sexual Misconduct program that includes and explains child sexual abuse issues. A COGIC National Handbook is available and can be copied and modified to meet the needs of each jurisdiction and local church. 

  2. Workers who have direct contact with minors (this includes jurisdictional officials, pastors, employees and volunteers) must attend regular seminars and forums that disperse pertinent information regarding all ways in which their church can prevent cases of sexual misconduct, especially that of child molestation. Each jurisdictional bishop should endeavor to have these types of forums regularly for the benefit of all within their local jurisdiction. Attendance at such sessions should be documented and kept on file.

  3. The pressing need for volunteers and/or workers should not negate the need to be diligent as it relates to hiring practices within the Church. It is imperative to realize that the Church offers unique features that make us susceptible to incidents of child molestation and, therefore, legally vulnerable. We must know, to the best of our ability, those who labor among us. Especially those who are in direct contact with our children.

  4. There must be a comprehensive application process whereby individuals seeking to be volunteers or employees would be subject to an extensive investigation. References must be checked. Official pedophile lists from the FBI, state police, and local authorities must be examined thoroughly in your geographic area. Background checks must be done with written notes of what was gleaned. Any person seeking a position (paid or unpaid) within the Church must have been a member of the local assembly for at least six (6) months.

  5. Overnight trips should be very carefully planned and monitored with an appropriate number of screened adults. There should always be two, unrelated adults with a minor child at all times. Children should not have sleeping arrangements with other children where there is a difference of more than four years in age or a vast difference in size. There should be a monitoring system to check the activities during the course of the night.

  6. Youth leaders must be mindful to avoid even casual, physical contact with a minor child in their care. Touching, hugging, fondling or kissing any young person is strictly prohibited. There should never be one-on-one counseling behind closed and/or locked doors where activities are not visible.

  7. Sunday school teachers, daycare providers, other youth workers must be alert to mood changes in minor children. A special note should be made of changes in mannerisms that are markedly different from the child’s normal actions. Examples: A gregarious child becomes withdrawn or a typically easy-going, soft-spoken child becomes loud or very aggressive. The youth worker must be mindful of bruises, scars and other physical, visual signs and abnormalities.

  8. Never take light an allegation made by a child. All claims must be investigated immediately and with a great deal of discretion to clearly protect the rights of the child and those of the alleged tortfeasor. 

  9. Each childcare worker, Sunday school teacher, daycare provider and pastor must know the reporting requirements of their state for suspected child abuse. The details of such a procedure should be written out and kept updated as necessary.

  10. Each jurisdiction and local church should have one individual responsible for dealing with the press, the police and the congregation at large as it relates to responding to the publicity that surrounds alleged sexual misconduct cases. This designated spokesperson should be trained in the area of how to properly field questions and must know how to make statements that protect the Church (or an individual) from further scrutiny.

  11. Always remember: The local jurisdiction and the National Church can all be held liable for of the acts of one individual. Most claims made against the Church are due to negligent hiring, negligent supervision, or a failure to follow proper procedure.

1st Annual JAIM Convention

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Join the Missions, Evangelism, Music, Sunday School, and Youth Departments for the 2010 Jurisdictional AIM Convention hosted at Greater St. Luke COGIC.

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