Evangelist Lauren Robson

Assistant Jurisdictional Secretary
Special Events Administrator

Evangelist Lauren Robson serves as the Jurisdictional Special Events Administrator and as the Assistant Jurisdictional Secretary. She is a member of St. Stephen’s Cathedral COGIC.

Sister Irene Days

President, Jurisdictional Usher Board

Sister Irene Days serves as the Jurisdictional Usher Board President.

Elder Larry Miller

Jurisdictional Chief Adjutant/
Chief of Security

Elder Larry Miller serves as the Jurisdictional Chief Adjutant/Chief of Security and is a member of Greater St. Luke COGIC.

Elder Charles P. Nauden

Deputy Chief Adjutant/Episcopal Adjutant

Elder Charles P. Nauden serves as Deputy Chief Adjutant and as the Jurisdictional Episcopal Adjutant and is a member of The Holy Way COGIC.

Mother Sue Waters

President, Mary's House of Prayer

Mother Sue Waters serves as Mary’s House of Prayer President and is member of Full Gospel COGIC.

Elder Reginald McCall

President, Missions Department

Elder Reginald McCall serves as the Missions Department President.

Sister Theresa McCall

Missions Department Coordinator

Evangelist Theresa McCall serves as the Missions Department Coordinator along with her husband Elder Reginald McCall.

Elder Mark Robson

Sunday School Superintendent

Elder Mark Robson services as the Jurisdictional Sunday School President. He is a member of St. Stephen’s COGIC.

Sister Kellee Smith-Hudson

President, Music Department

Sister Kellee Smith-Hudson serves as the Jurisdictional Minister of Music.

Evangelist Tahaiti Tinsley

President, Youth Department
Director of Public Relations

Evangelist Tahaiti Tinsley serves as Youth Department President and as the Director of Public Relations. She is a member of Mt. Olive COGIC.