Supt. William Smith

1st Administrative Assistant

Superintendent William Smith serves as 1st Administrative Assistant. He pastors Saints Tabernacle COGIC.

Bishop Lonnie Lynch

2nd Administrative Assistant

Bishop Lonnie Lynch serves as 2nd Administrative Assistant. He pastors the Revival Time COGIC.

Supt. James Mason

Administrative Assistant
Riverside Regional Superintendent

Superintendent James Mason serves as Administrative Assistant and as the Riverside Regional Superintendent. He pastors Imani Temple of Temecula COGIC.

Supt. Gary Watkins

Administrative Assistant
Jurisdictional Expeditor Chairman

Superintendent Gary Watkins, Sr. serves as Administrative Assistant and as the Jurisdictional Expeditor Chairman. He pastors Greater St. Luke COGIC.

Supt. Sidney Buggs

Executive Administrative Assistant
Jurisdictional Secretary

Superintendent Sidney Buggs serves as Executive Administrative Assistant and as the Jurisdictional Secretary. He pastors Greater Gospel Center COGIC.

Supt. Milon Mills

Jurisdictional Treasurer

Superintendent Milon Mills serves as the Jurisdictional Treasurer. He pastors Missionary COGIC.

Pastor Dwight Steward

Jurisdictional Assistant Treasurer

Pastor Dwight Steward serves as the Jurisdictional Assistant Treasurer. He pastors Family Worship Center COGIC.

Supt. Lawrence Gray

San Diego Regional Superintendent

Superintendent Lawrence Gray serves as the San Diego Regional Superintendent. He pastors Greater New Victory Christian Center COGIC.

Supt. Jessie Pearman

Los Angeles Regional Superintendent

Superintendent Jessie Pearman serves as the Los Angeles Regional Superintendent. He pastors The Glorious COGIC.

Evangelist Laurie Haymon

2nd Asst Jurisdictional Secretary

Evangelist Laurie Haymon serves as the 2nd Assistant Jurisdictional Secretary.